That Mecha Flavor: Recharging Systems: Parts And Abilities in Mech Retriever


Mech Retriever Dev Blog

Active abilities on parts in Mech Retriever are structured such that you can only use them once per Battle Phase.  In-universe, why is that?

These parts generally run using the power of the 4-dimensional crystals–their unique effect requires a fragment of a crystal to exist within each such part.  The crystals give off a low flow of energy… but an infinite one.  Because of the constant arms race between corporations, part designers make them modular and self-contained–Some of this energy maintains the computer and micro-ai, but the rest is stored within the part until it reaches capacity, and then it has enough charge to activate the main function of the part.

It would be theoretically possible to setup a massive power supply so that a part with limited uses could be used continuously, but in practice this would introduce heavy costs.  In a universe run by corporations, competitive pricing matters.

Of course, the crystals have a bunch of other properties too that enable things thought impossible by most, but that’s another story.

May you build the ultimate giant robot.

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