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After getting the basic Punch functionality in place, the next important step was to get Weapon attacks working. Therein lies the difficulty–displaying an arbitrary possible number of weapons.

It’s not exactly a problem I haven’t solved before–I did it with the Parts Panel for the Build screen. But the way I did it there was limited to displaying exactly four elements on screen at a time, and only Part Cards. But I probably want to display less, and with a button next to each one. To make matters more complicated, I find myself in a position where if I use an attack form more than once, an exception is thrown. Instead, the code should simply make it to where that is not an option.

I think that the interface between the GUI and the engine is wrong. Instead of giving a list of your equipped weapons and breaking if a weapon is reused, the code should tell the view what it can still use after each attack.

May you build the ultimate giant robot.

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