Refactor Cascades


Mech Retriever Dev Blog

Adding AI Views has brought with it an interesting problem–making the test classes work with AI views.  Up until now, everything was verified via the Graphical views, which really only the human player uses… So I was left to figure out how to proceed, and often, when that isn’t clear, I start refactoring toward simplification.  And often, this can lead to a cascade of refactors–a very desirable scenario.

Making small refactors can seem insignificant–you can convince yourself that your code is “good enough” as is, and that little extra effort might not seem worth it.  But what I’ve often found is that refactoring can be like dominoes–push the first one over, and you see opportunities for more wins.

Overall, the tests are enjoying a powerful cumulative simplification, which will allow me to introduce the AI view testing with much greater ease.

May you build the ultimate giant robot.

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