Research and Production–the upward spiral


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If you think of life as one unknown length of time, it isn’t a particularly useful perspective.  Thinking in terms of cycles is a more useful lens, and in many ways is more accurate, since much of the natural world is iterative in  nature.  Applying this to a project is useful as well–when considering how you should spend your time, you have recurring blocks of time, outside of the rest of your life, to spend on it.  But how should one spend that time?

You could spend it constantly doing creative work.  This seems like the obvious answer–produce stuff.  But the problem is that you’re never going to be doing things in the most efficient way–in terms of speed, nor quality.  Nothing humans do is perfect.

So you could spend it constantly researching–exposing yourself to new ideas.  This is great for finding progressively better ways to do things, but if you never produce, the learning will be useless and mostly forgotten.

Having recurring periods of research and production is actually synergistic.  You’re likely to find opportunities to use ideas you came across, which means you’ll have efficiency gains.  But you’ll also learn more effectively, because actually using the information will make you retain and master it so much more.

Finding the right balance is another matter, but food for thought.

May you build the ultimate giant robot.

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