Launch Delay



Mech Retriever Dev Blog

Mech Retriever will be delaying launch of the next kickstarter again until February 1st.  Why?

Three reasons.  1, we want to build the community further.  2, we want to expand the demo.  3, we’re training on at least one additional programmer.

Mech Retriever’s community base has been slowly growing and we want to take it even further.  We believe that “Giant Robots should be for everyone” and in order to make that a reality we really want to build as big and awesome a community as we can.

Relatedly, we thought about launching with a small demo, but we decided it would be better to get something really awesome together to share with the community what makes Mech Retriever so much fun.  Launching on June 30th just isn’t enough time to get the level of polish we’re now looking.  But launching on February 1 gives us time to deliver more features in the demo and to strengthen the look-and-feel of the game.

As always, thank you for all your support!  We hope you continue to ride with us on this giant robot of a project.

May your giant robot crush all that oppose it.

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