Ruthless Confidence; More progress on the Battle Screen


Mech Retriever Dev Blog

I continue to work on the Battle Screen, marching inexorably towards its completion.  Mechs can actually shoot stuff now!   How exciting!

As I work on it, I’m finding that I continue to tweak and refactor the way I’m doing things–and the changes can be pretty dramatic.

As I keep refactoring, I’m refining the patterns the whole app will use–and it drives home an important point–you should be confident enough to refactor ruthlessly.  And what it takes to have that confidence is strong Unit Tests and Source Control.

In the past, I’ve had at least one project essentially die because of lack of source control, and more die because of lack of unit tests.  If you’re an Indy Dev out there, hear me now and thank me later–get comfortable with TDD and Source Control.  Besides preventing project death, they allow you to constantly refine the code, which you need to do.  Get comfortable with refactoring too–Programming is too hard for your first draft to stay good enough.

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