So, you wanna do it all?


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Let’s say you wanna work on Indy games.  Great!  Me too.  What part do you want to work on?  The design?  The code?  The story?  The art?  The music?

…Wait, you wanna work on it all?  Or most of it?  You’re crazy.  Pick one. …No?  You really wanna do all those things?  You need to and don’t care if you’re crazy?  Oh, okay.  Me too.

If you’re like me and want to do it all, or most of it, I offer the following advice:

*Get a team.  It will really help if you people to help you, or take some of the load off, or bounce ideas off of.  Even if you want to do every kind of thing, you don’t need to do all the work.

*Get balance and good habits.  You want to do so much that’s it’s too hard to do it in just one burst.  You have to accept that great things come by improving or building a little bit each day.  Set aside specific, regular times for work, so it’s easy to get in the zone and you don’t burn out.

*Figure out what you can live without doing.   In my case, it’s the music.  My brother Blake has done an amazing job on the soundtrack and him taking care of that has freed me to work more on the other stuff.

*Learn as much as you can.  As someone who wants to do it all, you don’t have the advantage of focused time like a specialist.  So you have to spend more time learning, and try to work smart instead of hard.  In reality, you’ll work just as hard, only most of the work will be learning and the rest will be decisive strokes of effort.

*Make sure you like what you’re doing.  If you don’t you’ll quit.  Even if you don’t quit, people will see you don’t have passion behind your creation and won’t be into it.  Besides, figuring out how to make it something you like again can lead to creative breakthroughs.

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