Dev Blog: How do I art!??

For those of you like me who decide to tackle all aspects of a creative project (I think the technical term is insane people) you may find yourself trying to draw things.  Some programmers just use what they refer to as “Programmer Art,” as a placeholder, but some people like me have a fundamental need to make art.

Two questions that may arise are “How do I art!??” and “What do I art!??”*.  The answer to question one may have some nuances based on your learning style.  It’s up to you to figure that out, but I recommend the book Keys to Drawing.  It teaches a totally different approach to drawing than the “Draw a stick figure, then simple shapes, then muscles, then details” approach you see in tutorials all over the web.  But unlike those tutorials, which are really only geared at drawing people, Keys to Drawing will allow you to draw anything using one set of techniques, which is useful for games where your imagination will demand all sorts of things from you.

“What do I art!??”* is a different question with a different book recommendation.  Pick up “Steal Like an Artist,” which is full of great creative advice but generally tells you to make the stuff you want to see.  It recommends learning to do so by copying all your heroes and finding yourself in the imperfections in all those copies.  It does not recommend plagiarism, it recommends practice.  It’s good advice that some of us (me) needed to hear a long time ago so we could get over the fear of losing originality (you won’t.).

*(bad grammar be on purpose)

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