Dev Blog: Freakish Productivity

Happy Valentine’s day (belated)!  Hope yours was a good one!

I’ve settled into a work schedule for Mech Retriever–Coding on the bus to and from my day job, and art practice during lunch and immediately after I get home.

The result?  Freakish productivity.  Ok, a large part of that owes to my ruthless refactoring process that constantly invests in better quality code for long term momentum.  But lately I’ve gotten so much done it’s literally hard to remember it all.

Well, I finished implementing standard usage of the new font scaling logic across the system, for starters, and did a number of refactors to clean up existing code and tests.  This has, as usual, simplified problems I encountered before and will undoubtedly encounter again and again and again.

From there I synched up the existing screens (Title, Buy, Build) so that you can actually progress through them.  It’s actually looking like a demo!  And I’ve started work on making the Build screen actually display the parts you have instead of a placeholder–yet another thing made 12 times simpler and easier due to a previous refactor (for those of you who remember the advent of PartSlots.).

Also, I charted out everything I have to do by the end of June in a massive word web, working backwards from the end goal, and branching out to what I need to do to make that happen, and that, and that, etc.  Task have been thusly derived.  It’s a useful exercise for those who wish to do a creative project like this–it immensely helped me figure out what I should prioritize.

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