Dev Blog–Balance and Diversity

Well, we’ve finally finished the rebalancing of the Special Parts.
It’s been interesting–now that the other parts have been mathematically balanced, we’re starting to get a stronger sense of the “gut feeling” of what, for example, 3 gold is really worth. Or how much of a demand 2 Weight is. Almost paradoxically, it feels as though there’s more variety and depth to the game now the balance is stronger–Perhaps because more pathways feel valid, and players don’t feel pressured to go for the “good” parts (they’re all good now.).

Special parts turned out to just be way overcosted, as I may have hinted at before. In fact, only two of them stayed at the same costs. Rebalancing them actually afforded us the opportunity to weight their equip costs towards Power Consumption, which helped round out the demands for either Energy or Lift in the game.

But more interesting than that was the fact that as soon as the Special Parts seemed “worth getting,” suddenly new builds became viable. This was actually a really exciting prospect! With the Teleporter Drive now much easier to equip, a cheap “Warping Melee” build became feasible, for instance. And the Ultra Hyper Drill’s rebalancing really made one-shot weapons like the Ion Cannon a lot more viable. It also created more opportunity for players who were behind in money to out-think the rich lead player by building a creative, specialized build.

We’re brainstorming more Special Parts now, with a particular eye towards build-enabling. We’ve come up with two interesting new parts already: Taser-Knuckles and Jerry Port.

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