Dev Blog: Balancing Mobility Parts

We playtested tweaking up the Power Consumption of Mobility gear and the result seems great:  it’s harder for games to become too one-sided, and you have to think harder about what you equip since it’s more difficult to just “equip everything.”  We did notice Lift is at a higher premium now, though, which makes sense since it’s harder to equip Mobility parts.
One thing I didn’t immediately notice until I went back to my spreadsheets is that now, the average Lift generated by a mobility part, compared to the average Power Consumption, was actually very slightly a negative tradeoff when you normalized for the relative values of Lift versus Energy.  This makes some sense as the Mobility Parts also provide Speed, which helps you pickup more parts, but it also puts the burden on Engines to allow you to expand more on your mech.  This is interesting, as it centralizes the role of Engines as the critical piece for making truly giant mechs.
Another interesting thing I noticed was just how intense the game felt.  In early versions of the game, you could easily sit on your laurels once you swept the board once or twice, buying a bunch of random gear to slap on your mech and remaining comfortably in the winner’s seat.    But by carefully tuning how much  explosive growth is generated as you keep buying parts, with engines forming a gate to slow it down, you are forced to keep paying close attention to everyone else’s moves.
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