The Winning Mech:

Another Mech Retriever Promo event will be held on Sunday Dec. 10th from 2-6pm at Olympic Cards and Comics.  Behold, the winning mech from the last Mech Retriever Promo event:

Inter-Galactic Express
Inter-Galactic Express

Controlled by Pan, who used the Gold-Geologist hero Lawrence Bach, this drawing is my interpretation of the beastly winning construction.

His final stats:

Lift: 33, Weight:  24

Energy: 83, Power Consumption: 83,

Speed: 31

Armor: 130

He didn’t equip any weapons in the entire game, instead going for a build that zoomed around collecting crystals and couldn’t be stopped in the end.  He faced an early set back when obliterated in round three without being able to take a turn–but instead of returning fire, he turned his mech into an armored train of a machine, which never went down again.

Congratulations, Pan!

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