Dev blog: Up and Running

Finally doing real coding on Mech Retriever for the first time since before the kickstarter!  Not just configuration.

I worked on the BuyScreen.  I coded the feedback portion of the basic ui–The stat preview panel, gold display, and pass button.  I coded a static handful of parts on screen as well.  I’m working on adding the rest of the basic part spread.  After that I have to figure out displaying random parts from a full deck.

I’ve been enjoying picking this code back up.  At first it was daunting looking at code I haven’t touched in over a month, but pleasantly, that feeling went away with 15 minutes refresher reading… Which is really good compared to a lot of old projects.  Also, I’m seeing the fruits of, as I like to put it–“ruthlessly refactoring.”  All kinds of help from helper methods and classes that streamline the process of testing.  At some point I’ll put together an article on how I’ve made unit testing work with Monogame.

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