World-Shattering: Events in Mech Retriever

In Mech Retriever, every round brings with it a new event.  Events are important aspects of Mech Retriever, because they have a big influence on what strategies are effective.

Events have some kind of global effect that applies to everyone.  Some events, like Corrosive Gas, only have an effect in battle (in this, doing damage to mechs every turn.)  Others have effects on Building or Buying, like Demigravity Flux, which causes parts to weigh two less, or Economic Stimulus, which gives everyone six free gold.

Events also have a duration, between 0 and 2 rounds.  The event stays in place for that long, and is discarded when the duration is past.  This means sometimes you will have multiple events in play at once.  Also, all events with a 0 duration immediately replace themselves.  For example, Time Warp is a 0-duration event that causes a previous event to be re-played, and then Time Warp itself is replaced by a new event.  Thus, sometimes you’ll see a burst of events.

Ultimately, you never know what the next event will be and how it will affect the tides of the game–That’s what makes events so exciting.

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