Meet Ginivieve Romano: The Cosplaying Geologist

Ginivieve Romano
Ginivieve Romano

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They had agreed to follow the new industrial standard of weighing the crystals while fully present—which for Ginevieve Romano’s current haul was the difference between four tons and one. Broken down and refined the usable portion of the haul would be considerably less, but the weight wouldn’t fluctuate as much either once the crystals were stabilized to remain more consistently in the present.

The spikey artisan mech competing with Ginevieve’s sleek nouveau one currently appeared to be admiring the wild flowers on the edge of a nearby mountain. The ace geologist had been roughly tracking her competitor’s collection, and currently had a significant lead. With the major deposits already tapped, it would be hard for Liza to make up the difference—though Ginevieve knew better than to underestimate her friend.

Ginevieve smiled when her onboard laboratory returned the local crystal sample she’d sent through. Casually, she wandered away from her competitor. She then sent ahead a special ground pulse at the harmonic frequency of the local crystals. The sector in front of Ginevieve responded; forming new crystals in minutes instead of years. The replenished deposits were already large enough to show up on instruments, all Ginevieve had to do was make sure she got to them first.


Ginevieve Romano is a Geologist–her focus is on collecting resources, and she can do so more efficiently than anyone when it comes to crystals, the most valuable resource in the game.

Her Passive Ability allows her to gain 1 additional resource on the first crystal she picks up each turn.  This means she likes to keep the game going as long as possible, so she can keep amplifying that advantage.

Her Active Ability, though, allows her to spawn up to 6 additional crystals in the sector she’s in.  This powerful ability has a few layers to it:  It can be used right away to get double-stacks of crystals in her starting sector, or it can be used later in the game as a way to keep getting the extra crystal pickup from her Passive Ability.  Be careful though–if you can’t get to all the pickups you spawn, other players can.

Ginevieve is going to favor armor, and mobility parts that focus on speed, so she can stay alive to keep picking stuff up, and so that she can get there before the competition.  If the Special Part “Crystal Irradiator” shows up, grab it ASAP!  It also gives you an additional crystal on the first crystal pickup each turn, which means she can get three for one!

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