Introducing Three-Fingers


Three-Fingers, was originally called “Djinn.”  As the race for crystals and the ensuing mech-based arms race heated up, one of the largest corporations made a mech that was intended to “Make their dreams come true.”  Additionally, the mech has a powerful upper body but no legs.

It’s internal core lies behind a round hatch in its middle, which it fills with large chunks of earth.  Any non-valuable materials are burned for fuel, and anything of value, including crystals, are warped through an optical transporter gem to the mother ship.

However, “Three-Fingers” stuck as a name, due to the design of its hand and the sense of humor of R&D.  In spite of this, it is the crowd favorite whenever the battles for crystals are televised across the galaxies.  And with a powerful plasma saber attached to its left arm, it’s on a winning streak.

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