“Rocket Punching”–Meet Michael Jones

Michael Jones
Michael Jones

“Well, what’ll it be today, Midge?” Michael Jones laughed, bolted to the operating table in nine places.

“I wish you wouldn’t call me that.” Doctor Houlihan sighed.

“I bet it’s the neural interface again. Am I right? Going to open up my head and try a new configuration to offset the cybernetic feedback delay?”

Houlihan smiled warmly, “Have I told you how nice it is having someone here who really understands what I do?”

“First time today.”

Doctor Houlihan walked over to an instrument panel, out of sight of the operating table.

“Michael?” Doctor Houlihan took a deep breath. “The Board of Directors will be here today. All of them. For a report on the experiment.”

“Yeah? What will you tell them?”

Margaret Houlihan clenched her fists. “I’m going to tell them it was a mistake to try and compete with the Eden Project. We’re handicapping ourselves just trying to imitate their success in a different medium. Also, I’m going to tell them it was a mistake to force this on you.”

“Midge, don’t. They’ll kill you.”

Doctor Houlihan sniffed. “The meeting will be on the fifth floor in two hours. Big conference room, plain glass picture windows with a wonderful view of a bluff four miles out.”

Margaret triggered the release on the instrument panel. Michael found his feet quickly after rolling off the operating table. His cybernetic enhancements activated and blended down under his skin. The most beautiful thing she’d ever made.

“Oh,” she continued, “For some reason the security system’s down in the access tunnels. I think someone even left a sniper rifle down there. And Michael? I understand if you can’t forgive my part in all this. What I’ve put you through.”

Michael Jones nodded thoughtfully, and then took a knee to look in the doctor’s eyes. “So, in three hours we finally go for that drink?”


Michael Jones is a Gunner, and he’s all about Range.

His passive ability lets him add 1 to the range of one weapon each round.  This might not sound exciting, but it actually unlocks a lot of possibilities.  Suddenly, close range weapons can reach just that much farther–and you may find yourself able to attack a target, or targets, that you otherwise couldn’t.  You’d be surprised how much deadlier a Shotgun or Submachine gun can be with a little more reach.

But if you want to seriously snipe people his active ability lets him double the range of all weapons for one turn.   Suddenly there’s nowhere to run–and even better, his active and passive abilities stack.  So the +1 to range on one of you weapons turns into +2, on top of doubling the weapon’s normal range.  That’s right, Michael Jones can punch you from 4 squares away.  We’re pretty sure it involves rockets.

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