Technology Draft: Buying parts in Mech Retriever

One of the most pivotal phases in Mech Retriever is the Buy Phase.  It’s during this step that you acquire access to parts that will influence the rest of the game.

It’s usually described as “Buying Parts,” but it’s more accurate to say that you’re buying technology.  When you buy, say,  a Basic Engine, then you have the option to equip that engine to any mech you build–even if your mech is destroyed in battle, you can make a new one next round with the same engine at no penalty.

There are five different kinds of parts in Mech Retriever:  Weapons, Armor, Engines, Mobility parts, and Special.  Most of them are self-explanatory, though it’s worth noting that, besides Speed, Mobility parts provide Lift, which is necessary for supporting other heavy parts.  Special parts, on the other hand, do a variety of unusual things, from making your mech more efficient at mining to giving it the ability to teleport.

There are 4 different rarities in Mech Retriever:

Green:  The most basic and common parts.  Plentiful and cheap, but lower quality.

White:  A bit more expensive, and rarer than Green.  But also notably more powerful.

Gold:  Expensive and hard to come by, Gold parts are the most powerful parts in the game.

Special:  Special parts get their own rarity category, and are similarly rare to Gold.

There are always three Green parts available to  choose from, two White, and one Gold and Special.  Everyone can see the parts available, and players take turns buying or passing.  Whenever a part is purchased, a new part of the same rarity is made available.  This continues until nobody buys anything, either by choice or due to insufficient funds.

Because they are so rare and valuable, Gold parts can have a big influence on your mech build.  But because green parts are plentiful and cheap, they’re likely to provide the foundation.

The following are very early rough mockups of what the Buy Screen may look like in the App.  Your money and current mech’s stats will be displayed alongside the parts you can choose to buy.

Buy Screen A
Buy Screen A

If you click/touch one, details about that part will come into focus and you can choose whether to buy it, buy and equip it, or go back to your options.

Buy Screen B
Buy Screen B

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