James Danzig
James Danzig

Breathe in. Breathe out. James Danzig could hear his mech burning behind him. Crumbling. Settling. Deliberately, he separated himself from the mech and cast his senses further out. He experienced the war world again from this diminished perspective. The next ground battery was now an hour away, when by mech it had been but a minute.

He knew the Scrappers hadn’t hired him to open the south flank to attack as they had claimed. James hadn’t accepted for the promised share of the plunder either. This had been a test. He had learned from it. Next time would go better. His mech’s fist was still buried in the remains of the first battery. He had rolled his mech mere feet from the retaliatory fire of the second battery, but been caught by the disappointingly imprecise fire of the third battery.

Now Warhook scavengers from the second battery would come to loot the remains of his fallen mech. Kill him if they found him breathing. He smiled as he heard their hovercraft approaching. James Danzig drew his longsword.

The scavengers would be disappointed.


James Danzig, as a member of the Strategist class, rewards you for setting up situations to make the most out of his abilities. His Active ability, usable once per Battle Phase, lets him turn any critical hit against him into a miss–which ensures that, for at least one round, he won’t take crippling damage unless he’s just severely outgunned.

This serves to help him get the most out of his Passive ability, the Momentum Punch (aka the Danzig Punch).  Any punch James Danzig throws has it’s damaged increased by the number of distinct squares he has moved through that turn.  Considering your standard punch deals only two damage normally, and you start with 5 speed, right off the bat that’s more than triple the damage.

But you can make Danzig even more lethal by equipping his mech with parts that raise your speed–such as a Warp Drive.  If you can get top speed behind the punch with even a basic Warp Drive, then get a critical hit?  Let’s just say there’s a reason people like to shout “PUUUUUUUNCH!!!”  when they play him.

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