Introducing Heat Topic

Heat Topic
Heat Topic

Anarchists.  Even in a dystopian, intergalactic corporatocracy–no, especially in that–Anarchists are out there and want to take down the system.

With the advance of technology to mind-boggling heights, simple pranks or bombs or protest rallies aren’t enough.  One unnamed anarchist organization managed to actually build a mech.

Putting aside the irony of anarchists forming an organization, and especially glossing over the nicely-formatted memos that get distributed in said organization, this group managed to create Heat Topic–the only mech ever said to have a bad attitude.  Or really any attitude at all.

Heat Topic is actually based on stolen blueprints for another mech, Three-Fingers.  Except the blueprints were from an early, incomplete prototype.  They were combined and extended with stolen blueprints for other industrial equipment, and embellished to make Heat Topic.

Blowtorch fingers ended up being an interesting, useful feature of the mech.  Using a four-dimensional crystal of immense value as an earing… Less so.

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