PUUUUUUUUUNCH!!!!! Battles in Mech Retriever

Sunset Clash
Sunset Clash

In Mech Retriever, combat is designed to be fast paced and exciting.  It’s called a “Mech-Building Game,” and the Battle Phase is an important part of that.  Even if your mech is build around speed instead of combat, the Battle Phase not only complements, but supports the “Mech-Building” concept by serving as a feedback and testing mechanism.  What better way to figure out what to improve your mech then sending it into the battlefield where other mechs want to shut it down?

Attacking is simple–just point your weapons at another mech in range, and roll a die to attack!  Rolling a 1 means you miss, and rolling a 6 means you deal double damage.  If a mech’s damage gets to be higher than its armor, that mech is incapacitated!

You can protect yourself in a couple of ways.  Hiding in forests, or better yet, mountains, makes you harder to hit, and if you can stay out of your enemy’s range, they can’t attack you at all.  Beyond that, some Heroes have abilities that can protect them, such as Cloaking or Dodge Roll.

There are 27 different weapons in the game, with different Range, Damage, and Number of Attacks values.  Combat success is part luck, but also quite a bit Preparation.  Picking the right weapons and armor for your mech, strategy, and your Hero’s abilities, makes all the difference.  If things don’t go your way one round–it’s back to the construction room!

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