Digital Girl

Sakura Takezawa
Sakura Takezawa
Sakura Takezawa called up a projection of the blueprints from her holographic bracers. With a gesture she blew them up and overlaid them with the mech frame in the hangar before her. Statistics scrolling in the periphery of her visor were effectively the same as the past thirty iterations. She frowned.  Apparently it would require field tests to find the flaw she knew had to be there.
“Dude, I’m telling you, that’s HER!”
Calling up additional interfaces, Sakura began directing her nanomachines to offload the adjacent transport and install its contents on her R-58. An invisible web of the nanos would remain in place after assembly to enhance power distribution throughout the mech. This gave her significant leeway to improve the design, but not as much as she wanted. Lift was still a problem to which her solutions remained dissatisfying.
“Is she doing that with nanos? She really isn’t going to hire us, is she?”
As the final assembly completed, Sakura closed her excess projections and climbed into the maintenance hatch for a personal inspection. There had been annoying chatter since her arrival at the orbital hangar. Thankfully there were no such obtrusive sounds inside her machine.
Sakura Takezawa is an Engineer hero.  She makes sure your mech works–and well.
Right off the bat she increases your Mechs Energy output by 1.  This may not seem like much, but it can enable many part combinations that otherwise wouldn’t work, giving you an edge when building your mech.
But the most awesome thing about her is that she can bring your mech back from total destruction.
Don’t like being blown up and out for the round?  Sakura will bring you back, running at 1 armor, the first time it happens, guaranteeing you one more turn.  This is great if other people are attacking a lot.  It’s also great if you are attacking a lot and they start hitting back.
Sakura is so versatile she can fit into any strategy, and her ability to jump back into the fray makes her perfect for beginner players.

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