Trucklops. Yes, that’s what I said



What happens when 4-dimensional crystals that are dramatically more valuable than any known substance are discovered by humanity?  The Crystal Rush.

Corporations all over the 5 systems have dropped what they were doing to develop mining rigs to obtain this new treasure.  Whoever controls the majority of the crystals will be in a position to help/control/exploit the known universe.  Trucklops is what happened when a corporation that used to specialize in Medical Transport vehicles but knew little about mining decided to throw their hat in the ring and try to get some crystals.

In many ways, Trucklops embodies the spirit of Mech Retriever–What happens when you attach Wheel Rigs, Submachine Guns, Rocket Launchers, and Turbo Boosters to your mech?  Then armor-plate with all the metal you could mine from a nearby moon?  Mech Retriever lets you find out, and one possible answer is Trucklops.

Ridiculous.  Over the top.  But undeniably awesome, and, as it turns out, surprisingly effective.  That’s Trucklops.  That’s Mech Retriever.

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