Building Things

Building a mech in Mech Retriever is simple:  You select parts from those you have avaliable to equip, then click “Equip.”   Then you make sure your mech is legal by the two rules of Mech Construction:

1.   The Rule of Power:  Your total Power Consumption must not exceed your total Energy.

2.  The Rule of Lift:  Your total Weight must not exceed your total Lift.

It’s that simple!  Each Part has a Weight and an Energy value displayed on it.  Engines provide you with more power, and Mobility Parts provide you with more lift.

One of the best parts about making this an app is that all the math will be done for you.  So the building screen will show you how much Energy/Lift you have remaining, and what parts you do and don’t have equipped.  The plan is to also save previous configurations so that you can quickly jump to a previous round’s build.

The following is a VERY early rough concept of the Buy Screen. Not everything is working yet–stats and art are missing at the moment, for instance.  But you can get a tiny taste of what the ui might look like.

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