Meet Peter Gonzalez

Peter Gonzalez
Peter Gonzalez

“We’re well aware of who you are, Mr. Gonzales.” The portly executive tapped the conference table with industrial red nails. “You think that’s to your advantage?”

The fluorescent lights of the climate controlled chamber gave Peter a headache. He would  never deal with suits like these if the opportunity wasn’t so salivating. So he sat back in his synthetic leather chair and smiled.

“Everyone knows who I am. For an unknown and underfunded corporation like yours, that is definitely to my advantage.”

The executive glowered. “I don’t think you understand what it is we do here. We’re a mining corporation. We need pilots who will keep the rigs running; not crash them into the terrascape. It isn’t about speed.”

“Everything, is about speed.” Peter leaned on the table with devilish glee. “If your competitors get to the ore first, it doesn’t matter how well your rigs are running. Give me free rein, and no one will ever beat me to the payout.”

Stock car racing. Death races. Rocket races. All had a nice kick of speed to them, but even the death races were held back by silly rules. Peter knew frontier mining was the future of speed, where rules would never slow him down again.


Meet Peter Gonzalez, a Pilot Hero in Mech Retriever.  He specializes in speed–Peter is the fastest Hero in the game.  As a Passive Ability, Overclock grants +1 to speed, which is a 20% boost from baseline.  But as an Active Ability, once per Battle Phase he can flood his engine with “Secret Sauce,” which allows him to move 5 extra squares!   That’s double starting movement!

Sure, he can only do it once each time he deploys, but when there is only six turns, and other mechs are getting bigger and badder all the time, that boost to speed is worth way more in the critical turns.

Peter Gonzalez is suited for speed strategies that focus on picking up resources rather than gunning down the competition.  However, picking up a solid weapon and shield can help you survive.  If nothing else,  a force-shield and pistols are cheap, easy to equip, and enable “pre-emptive self defense” if someone tries to gun you down before you can harvest much.  But the great thing about Peter, is since he can use his ability right away, all he needs is one turn to really shine.

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