How do you play?

Mech Retriever is loaded with strategic depth—the mechanics are intuitive and expressive, and with over 120 parts, ~30 missions, ~20 events, and 14 unique heroes to choose from, every game provides a fresh set of challenges to your strategic ability. The following is a rough overview of the game–more details to come later.

The goal is to get the most crystals by out-building and out-playing your opponents. After you pick a unique hero at the beginning of the game, the game consists of basically two alternating phases: a preparatory phase, followed by a battle/collect phase.

The preparatory phase sets up the conditions of the round and allows buying and building. First, an event happens, which affects all players. Then each player picks a secret mission from among 3 options. After that, players take turns buying parts from a spread of available parts in the center. When all players are finished, then everyone builds their mechs, making sure they have enough power to operate and enough lift to move.

When everyone is ready, then Crystals and Coins are spawned on the map. Crystals decide the winner, though Coins are necessary to buy parts. Players take turns choosing Drop Zones, then the Battle phase begins.

The Battle phase consists of 6 turns per player. On a player’s turn, the player can Move, Attack, use one Active Ability, and any number of Passive abilities. Players pick up crystals or coins by moving over them. Or, a player will auto-collect all remaining resources if that player is the last mech left standing before 6 turns are up. This means a player can go for a stable, speed-based build, or go high-risk high-reward and go for an offensive build.

Also in the battle phase, players will try to complete their Missions–these are a set of requirements that grant a crystal and coin reward upon completion.

After the Battle Phase, a new round starts it all over again, and players try to take the spoils and lessons of the last round and turn them into a better mech!

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