Mech Launch! is now live!

Over the next couple months we will post content about the game. We’ll talk about the mechanics, the mechs, the heroes, and much more! Today we have a concept art for the basic mech model, the R-58 “Backpacker” mech!

The R-58 “Backpacker” mech is a marvel of modern engineering. While not particularly strong, fast, or tough, it did have the distinction of being the first rig that actually worked. R-1 through R-15 were deemed to be inoperational in the software-simulation stage, and the next ten were dismissed as being prohibitively costly. The entire engineering staff of the R-27 mysteriously vanished 3 months into production. R28-R42 would be effective in theory, but in practice turned out to be physically impossible to build. R-43 was cancelled after there were too many casualties on the project. R-44 through R-57 were deemed “unethical” and their design and final outcome classified as Top-Secret. R-58 was born on the lunchbreak of the engineer Johnathan Bierce when he thought it would be amusing to put bipedal motion and a giant engine-backpack into the simulation specs for R-37, and the resulting mech just happened to solve several of the major difficulties of the R-37, though mostly just solved the “impossible to construct” issue by being a much worse design.

Here’s the R-58 outfitted with a heavy shield and standard rifle:


backpacker custom.png

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